Not only is doing exercise good for your productivity but working in a fresh air ventilated building like Geyser increases productivity. Studies show that workers in green, well-ventilated offices record a 101 per cent increase in cognitive scores (brain function).

Regular exercise can improve sleep quality but did you know having less artificial light in your work environment also aids a good night’s sleep?  In fact, employees in offices with more natural light sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night.

Any opportunity to be active is good for us, the Geyser building was especially designed with this in mind with stairs being central to the flow of the building design. Hopefully you take the stairs more than the lift, if not, why not make it a challenge to avoid the lift for a whole month! Also, we understand you don’t have bins under your desk so you can stand up, stretch the legs, and place rubbish in its designated bin. That’s a win for you and the environment!

Corporate Challenge  

The Exercise Room is hosting the first Corporate Challenge in the new Geyser building. This Challenge is not to see who can lose the most weight or who is the strongest team because that wouldn't be fair. This challenge is to see which company in the Parnell community is the most consistent and active. Teams will receive points each time a member of that team works out at the gym or attends one of the 6 group session classes during the 6 weeks.

There will however be spot prizes and mini challenges through out the 6 weeks such as Fastest time to row 500m , 3km treadmill time trial and most steps climbed on the brand new step master.

The winning team will not only have bragging rights until the next Corporate Challenge but also receive a 6 month platinum membership for each one of the team members.

During the challenge you will receive

  • 6 Week fitness programe
  • 24/7 access to The Exercise Room for 6 weeks
  • Access to group sessions through out the 6 weeks
  • Motivational support to stay healthy and active
  • Nutritional advice 

Cost per team of 4 $600

Team registrations must be in by 02/04/2018

Challenge begins 04/04/2018

Sign your team up below or come in to the gym and see Max.

For further information Email max@theexerciseroom.co.nz


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