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Personal Training

Our personal approach also extends to our trainers, all of whom are highly qualified, with many years personal training experience – which is yours to call on at any time. Apart from getting a totally personalised exercise programme and a good understanding of the theory behind what you’re doing, the key benefit of having a personal trainer is motivation. Sometimes it’s hard to push and challenge yourself as much as you want to; but with a personal trainer to supply the extra motivation, it gets a lot easier (and a lot more fun!). Before you reach a plateau, your personal trainer will redesign your workout to advance you to the next level, and ensure you continue to achieve the maximum benefit for your efforts. The objectives of a personal training programme can include:

o   loss of body fat and weight

o   body shaping and toning

o   increased specific sports performance

o   increased energy and stamina

o   increased muscular strength and flexibility

o   reduction of stress and anxiety

o   increased self confidence

o   improvement of the immune system

o   elevating cardiovascular fitness levels

o   assist rehabilitation from injury

o   complement physiotherapy treatment

o   longevity     





·  Bachelor of Commerce - triple major in Accounting, Commercial Law and      Taxation 

· Level 3 Certificate in Fitness

· Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training

· Thump Accredited Boxing Instructor

· First Aid

Also an accountant, Hayley loves business management and finance, alongside health and fitness. Graduating from Victoria University with a triple major in Accounting, Commercial Law and Taxation she is right in her element with her role as Managing Director and Personal Trainer at The Exercise Room.

Hayley understands how living a healthy active life impacts not only how we look, how we feel mentally and physically but also the positive impact on how our bodies function. She is a caring and highly motivated person who believes that living a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Hayley is passionate about helping others to smash their fitness and lifestyle goals and wants to help you become the best version of you!



· NZIHF Level 3 & 4 Qualified

· Punch Level 1 Boxing Certificate

· ZUU Qualified Level 1 and 2

· Ankorr Qualified Level 1

· Metafit Qualified

· MetaPwr Qualified

· MetaPro Qualified

· First Aid

Learn to move your body in a way that promotes strength and longevity. Shaun Clack has over Twelve years experience in Personal Training having worked in numerous cities and countries around the world. His knowledge and understanding of movement plus excellent program design will guarantee the results you desire. Fun and highly motivating, Shaun's sessions are diverse, modern, and progressive for all ages and fitness levels. He's voted one of the top ten places to train in Auckland - Urban List and featured in NZ Fitness Magazine.

"The act of movement is to create transference from one position to another with natural and appropriate motion, leading to progress and advancement".




· Diploma In Recreations Sport And Event Management

· Certificate 3 & 4 In Fitness

· Rehab Essentials

· TRX Trainer

· First Aid

Kelly moved back to NZ in 2016 after living overseas for 10 years. She is so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and teaching others how to live a happy, healthy life. She has a tennis background and many years’ experience in the fitness industry, more recently in Australia. She was a successful personal trainer in Melbourne and running her own bootcamps.

Kelly has spent the last year prior August 2016 in Perth working on a mine site as a healthy lifestyle coordinator to widen her knowledge in the industry. She is loving being back in NZ and can’t wait to help you on your journey to a happier, healthier life.



· BScHons University of Limerick

· 350hours Pilates Instructor - Stability Plus

· 200hour Yoga Teacher - Contemporary Yoga

Sarah is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. In January 2018, Sarah completed her 200hour Yoga Teacher training with Contemporary Yoga in Auckland. Sarah is passionate about her work in the areas of chronic pain, arthritis, thoracic pain, low back and neck pain. In 2017 Sarah specialised in the treatment of conditions involving the thoracic spine and rib cage. Sarah is also a certified Mulligan Practitioner. The Mulligan technique involves gentle mobilisations with movement to effectively restore joint range of motion and reduce pain. It is especially effective in treatment of knee, foot, elbow and wrist issues. Sarah combines her skills, knowledge and clinical experience to provide her clients with a holistic and evidence-based physiotherapy service.




· Bachelor of Physical Education

· NZIHF Level 3 Certificate in Fitness

· NZIHF Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training

· Thump Accredited Boxing Instructor

· First Aid

Jason has been working with clients from a variety of backgrounds both in New Zealand and abroad since 2003. 

His expertise is well recognised in the industry as a teacher to personal training students at the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness. Jason understands that in order to be successful, the solution to your health and wellness challenges has to suit you in every way.

His training philosophy is simple; create a personalised program that you actually look forward to completing each time you train, and provide all the support, monitoring and motivation you need until your goals are reached.




· AUT Certificate of proficiency Fitness Instructing 

· AUT Certificate of proficiency in Personal Training 

· First Aid

After completing her Certificate in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training at AUT in 2015, Laurie has since been working in the industry since. Her main focus as a personal trainer is to help guide, motivate, and direct clients along the journey to reaching their health and fitness goals.

Laurie has a strong understanding that one type of training does not work for everyone and it is all about finding what works for you to fit your goals, lifestyle and any other factors that may have been previously affecting you in not making this area of your life a priority. 

Laurie wants to help you to find your fit.